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**Please read the below message from Downer Community Centre **
egarding community leases for government venues. Please help by signing the e-petition. 


All community assets on peppercorn leases are affected by these astronomical rental increases. The Downer Centre is one of these community assets, and this is where Majura Womens Group current holds all sessions.

The Downer Community Centre has managed the Centre for over 30 years and have always kept costs to an absolute minimum.

All over Canberra, community hall and venue hire could start doubling, or worse, if we do nothing! This will affect the Downer Centre! Our lease in 2018 is not affected and we are safe for the moment.

However, under current plans, this proposed fee is based on floor space and the charge to the Downer Centre would far exceed $17,000 in future years.

The Downer Community Association NEEDS YOUR HELP!

We have started an e-Petition against this which will be presented to the Chief Minister.

As a matter of urgency, please head over to our petition and add your name. Your support is vital for us to continue serving you and all the Downer Centre uses.

Potentially, we may also help community users of the other 64 sites in Canberra. This will only take a minute of your time and is simple to do.


Feel free to forward the petition to any concerned Canberra residents.

Thank you.

Looking for a bit of time out during the school week?

Want to get some you time, learn something new or relax and connect with other mothers?

Welcome To Majura Women’s Group

We are a unique playgroup in that we offer childcare facilities while you get to enjoy some adult time.

We hold a variety of activities throughout the school term such as craft projects, exercise sessions, personal development and well-being workshops. We are here for our members and develop our term plan based on your input!

Still interested?

Checkout what we get up to by going to our program tabs.

Get Me Back To Work

Staying at home with the kids can be awesome, but sometimes you want to get back into the workforce or plan the next stage in your family’s life. Kris from Mummy Jobs Australia was here to help. She empowered and shared strategies, by providing a tool kit to kick-start returning to work plans. It was great to be reminded of how awesome we were and gain some insight into some of those tricky interview questions, resumes and career development.

Get Your Fit On

Have you heard of MEGA? Mums Exercise Group Australia aims to provide FREE and affordable fitness opportunities for mums in the Nation’s Capital. We were very lucky to get MEGA time, when some of the wonderful ladies put on a circuit for us. Music got played, we got active and MEGA happened! As you know, being a mum has its health hazards and the ladies from MEGA were very good at providing alternative activities for different levels of fitness and health. The circuit we went through could be done anywhere, anytime. Something you could really get into while watching TV or getting down time from the kids.

Breaking The Pieces, Building The Masterpiece

A Mosaic mural is no easy task, but something we jumped at the opportunity to do. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting outside in the shade, drinking coffee or tea, snacking on food while sticking pieces onto a mural. The best part, some might say, is getting to smash up the pieces. This project has been held over a few of our sessions and has provided a great opportunity for members to relax and mingle. We have been excited to work on this project assisting QEII and look forward to seeing it displayed there once complete.

Cards Cards Cards

A card says a thousand words, especially when you can’t think of much to write. Or is that a picture? Either way, we were getting the chance to make our own Christmas cards and it was fun. There were several design kits to follow or ladies could mix up bits and pieces creating their own designs. At the end of the day everyone got to take home their work to take home and make someone’s Christmas that extra bit special.

Craft Away

Variety is the spice of life and did we had lots of different activities to choose from. Jewellery making, painting, sewing and working on our mosaic project were all on the tables. Everyone got to find something they they enjoyed. It was a relaxing day, as people mingled and built their creations. Also lots of tea and coffee!

Gingerbread House Madness

Making a gingerbread house, what could be more sweet? For our Christmas breakup we held a build your own Gingerbread house session. It was lots of fun with some very houses looking quite pretty and others overloaded with lots of yummy candy. After creating our sugary masterpieces, we had our end of year lunch.  We enjoyed sushi and sandwiches while basking in our creative glory. Oh and the kids didn’t miss out in all the fun, they had plenty of festive craft to keep them entertained. They also got to enjoy a massive fruit platter and sandwiches for lunch.

Term 4 of 2016 was awesome! We are now getting ready for Term 2 of 2017 and would love you to join us.

So get in contact, get the kids ready and come join in the fun!