Useful Creative Writing Links for 2010 Backyard Project

General Creative Writing Resources and Courses


Writing and Communication courses

Open Colleges

ACT Writers’ Centre

Australian Society of Authors

BBC World Service: How to Write

Seton Hill University: 10 Tips for Novice Creative Writers


Short Story Writing

BBC: Get Writing: How to Start Writing a Story

Author Network: How to Write a Short Story

ESL Teacher’s Board: How to Write a Short Story;read=37

eHow: How To Write a Short Story

Joseph Masucci: The Least You Should Know About Outlining Your Short Story (2000)

Seventh Sanctum: Online Story Generator

TIME: How to Write a Short Story,9171,1555136,00.html

Wikipedia: Antagonist

wikiHow: How to Write a Short Story

wikiHow: How to Write a Great Short Story Tips for Writing a Short Story

Writing Corner: You Can Write a Short Story Your Story Outline: What’s It All About?

Writing for Children

Australian Centre for Youth Literature

Family History / Creative Non-fiction


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