Child Care Facilities

 Child Care Room

Our child care room is run by our lovely childcare professionals, led by room leader Simone, along with Danielle, Norah and Anna. They are all experienced childcare professionals registered with care agency Ranstad.  They are very approachable so feel free to speak to them about your child.

Our child care has trained carers who provide quality care however, it is not governed by the same regulations as child care centres. We are not an accredited child care centre. We ask for a gold coin donation per session for using the childcare as our funding covers the cost to pay the staff for their care. We are set up like a play group with indoor and outdoor toys and craft and provide a change table area but we are not a child care centre.

As our sessions are right next door to our children we are still ultimately responsible for our own children. If our numbers are high for a session and have a number of children that exceeds the ratio limits in the child care room then we will ask some mothers go and assist the carers and also to change your own child if necessary. These ratios are not enforceable however, we all have a duty of care when we have times when the room is full.

Another note to mention is that all the children are in the same room and outdoor area. There is an area for babies and the toys are age appropriate.

Important Safety Information

  • Please ensure you shut the door behind you when leaving the child care room and the kitchen screen door!
  • Please sign in and out in the child care room with your name and your child/children’s names and the time you arrive and leave.
  • Please do not leave the grounds of Downer Community Centre while your children are in care.
  • The door between the session room and child care room is only to be used when setting up and packing up. It is not to be used during the session. This is so our cover isn’t blown and we end up with a room full of children and no relaxing break.

We encourage the use of the child care room so that we can make the most of and benefit from a smooth uninterrupted session. We also understand that sometimes having your children and babies with you is what is needed and are advocates of attachment parenting and proactive for nursing mothers. We have a toy box for the children and encourage that they eat on the mat only to avoid having big clean ups and staining the carpet. We also ask that you supervise what your child is up to throughout the session to avoid them harming themselves with the tools we use in session and the hot urn. We are all here to care and watch out for one another so everyone’s vigilance is required when we have young children in the session room.

What To Pack For The Kids

  • A labelled container with a nutritious snack. 
  • A piece of fruit which the staff will cut up for the shared fruit plate.
  • Labelled water bottle.
  • Nappies with your child’s name on (if applicable) or spare underpants.
  • Dress them in weather/play appropriate clothing.
  • A hat and sunscreen applied.

Thank you for taking the time to read these important items regarding the child care room and ask for your cooperation with the safety matters of our children.