Majura Women’s Group
Annual General Meeting

Date: Term 1, Week 1, 4th February 2018
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Gunghalin Lakes

Dinora opened the mtg and welcomed everyone

Programme review for Term 1 – programmed confirmed.
ACTION: Need to send out a refresher on the rota for Term 1 – Emma
ACTION: sign with the membership forms/sign in sheet reminding all that membership fees are due/forms must be completed as events from week 4 will be on Eventbrite for members only – Nicole
ACTION: Eventbrite for week 4 and week 9 – Mara

Budget for sessions – Nicole gave an overview of the current budget situation with an estimated budget per session of $300

Morning Tea provision
ACTION: Heather, Sarah, Emma on rota for preparing morning tea.
ACTION: Nicole/Heather to put together a ‘high tea’ for the tea tasting session

Forms review
Childcare waiver forms – signed off for usage whilst awaiting legal advice
ACTION: Membership form – include waiver for participating in activities. Include the guidelines for being a member. Nicole
ACTION: Sign in sheet for members – include waiver for participating in event. Nicole

Review of role descriptions for committee
Treasurer – some minor changes on terminology re. cheques
Programme coordinator – no significant changes
Vice President – transfer website activity from social media
President – no significant changes
Secretary – Transition post action to Treasurer
Social media – move website activity to VP.
ACTION – All. Update role descriptions and send to Emma by end Feb
ACTION – Sarah to compile instructions for website editing
ACTION – All to put together role handover notes by end April

Childcare legal position – Dinora provided an update on the conversation with the lawyer who should feedback in the next couple of weeks.

Welcome pack finalisation
ACTION: remove programme to make it suitable for the full year. Create an email version – Sarah

MGW advertising
ACTION: Promotional materials to be put out in sessions, with members asked to take to suitable venues – Sarah
ACTION: Consider putting a sandwich board outside the venue, need to check with building manager – Sarah

Dinora confirmed she will be taking on some additional hours at work and therefore may not be able to attend mtgs as regularly.
ACTION: Agenda item for mtg on 28th February to include volunteer for President position – Emma
ACTION: Minutes to be posted on website – Sarah

Actions status from last meeting
ACTION 1: Dinora to post role descriptions on the facebook site – done
ACTION 2: Heather to come up with a draft proposal for 2018, and confirm sessions – done
ACTION 3: Dinora/Nicole to seek legal advice – done
ACTION 4: Emma to review Ranstad contract/service agreement and speak to Sean Tolley – done
ACTION 5: Nicole to source wristbands – done
ACTION 6: Emma to draft welcome pack content for the group to review, Sarah to support with design work – done
ACTION 7: Nicole to source name labels – done
ACTION 8: Nicole to get keys cut – done
ACTION 9: Emma to draft rota for term 1 – done
ACTION 10: Sarah to review logo and compile some alternatives – action no longer required.