Majura Women’s Group
Committee Meeting

Date: Term 2, Week 8, 20th June 2018
Time: 12noon
Venue: Downer Community Centre

Attendees: Sarah, Emma, Nicole, Mara

Welcome/Open meeting – Sarah welcomed everyone to the mtg as acting chair.

Treasurer Report – Nicole presented the latest finance update;

* Account balance $26,984.04
* Credits to year – $42,609.76
* Debits to year – $43,680.63
* Spent over a $1000 too much year to date but we have savings
* Still need to bank some money and pay Anne for her session plus two more weeks of things.

Wellbeing Day – planning

* Room booked for 29th September
* Students for makeup, nails etc – Sarah
* Cake making/icing – Nicole contact
* Stylist – ACTION- Emma to contact

Term 3 Programme – update
All booked, except for two dates.
First Aid – $90 per person – decision, too expensive
Crochetting to fill the gap – use the wool in the cupboard
Eventbrite – terrarium only. First date in term – Mara to send invite beginning of July.

Any other business
* A frame has arrived
* Carolynne volunteered as secretary – to take over from August AGM
* Paint it up sold out