Annual General Meeting
Date: Term 8, Week 2, 12 September 2018
Time: 11:44 – 12:34
Venue: Downer Community Centre

Attendees: Heather Shortridge, Nicole Romano, Dinora Collins, Mara Turnbull, Sarah Cooke, Carolanne Petrusiak, Katherine Bollampally, Natalie Shearer, Catherine Impofu, Waleerat Forah, Sarah Lebner, Shanika, Sarah Pardon, Rowan McCowan, Pamela Schooner, Diana Cowie, Jodie Robinson, Renae Reilly, Judy Lai
Apologies: Emma Caudwell, Gail Norrington

  1. Welcome/Open meeting Dinora

Office of Family & Children has been contacted

Health Connect has been contacted

Explain basics of running organization to general membership, and basic finances. $40k total for year: money used to maintain books, perform audit, and childcare costs $600/wk, insurance $2k/yr, room hire $80/wk, $1000 total per week, approx. $200 for activity per week, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Encourage members to lead a meeting to teach a skill, to get more involved by joining the board.

2. Present Annual Report 2017-2018 Dinora

Customized for each governing body: Office of Family & Children and Health Connect

To explain where money is spent, and show that we are using funding appropriately and as intended for mothers of young children at home.

Discussed the importance of having a functioning board; encourage more people to join the board to help us run more efficiently.

Activities meant for emotional well-being and promoting creativity for mums, connect mind and body – this is purpose of MWG – mental well-being is priority, but we are not counsellors. We encourage use of PANDSI, seeing GP or someone to confide in about one’s own mental health.

3. Present Audit Report 2017-2018 & Treasurer Report Nicole

Treasurers Report
All figures correct at 11.09.2018

Bank Balance- $30,668.28
Debits for this financial year 01 July 2018– 11 September 2018 -$8093.17
Credits for this financial year 01 July 2018– 11 September 2018 – $14670.84

Spent approx. $1700 more than we brought in, dipped into savings, but less than prior year deficit, spending decreased 1.8% from last year.

4. Term 4 Program & Term 1 Ideas – update Heather

Described a summary of the program for term 4 is already organized and posted online. Two are Eventbrite, members-only events. Started term 1 ideas, hoping to have plans started by week 3 of term 4, when we have a meeting for term 1 programming; asked for ideas. Asked for members that can knit – Nat & Cat

5. Soft copy MWG manual-update Nicole

Position descriptions – consider combining technology (VP role) and social media

Presenter contact info; policies

Remove personal phone numbers from public access/website – just MWG account and Facebook is sufficient

6. Discuss survey Nicole

Ask about activities, sliding scale from didn’t like it > nice > Great, let’s do it again

Proposed asking about childcare

7. Elect New Committee Members ALL

Outgoing Committee:

Dinora – President
Sarah – Vice President
Nicole – Treasurer
Mara – Social Media
Heather – Program Coordinator
Emma – Secretary

Incoming Committee:

Gail – President
Sarah – Vice President
Nicole – Treasurer
Mara – Social Media
Heather – Program Coordinator
Carolanne – Interim Secretary
Judy  – Member-at-large
Dinora – Member-at-large

NEXT Committee Meeting- 17th October 2018