This Term – Term 2 2017

Providing opportunities for friendship and creative outlet for women at home with young children. Come along at 9.30am* for sessions from 10am to 12:30pm Wednesdays at Downer Community Centre. Low cost childcare available. New members are always welcome.


26th April

9.30am for 10am start*

♥ Terrariums

Come and make your own terrarium to take home. Connect with nature to lift your mood and add a little greenery to brighten your home as we farewell summer.

All welcome

3rd May

9.30am for 10am start*

Ω Card Making – Mother’s Day

Anne Patterson from Close To My Heart will run a card making session. Choose from her range of beautiful designs and customize to suit your needs. Themes include Mother’s Day, Birthday or Thank you cards.

All welcome.

10th May

9.30am for 10am start*

Ω Pilates

Take time to tone up, build strength and reenergise. Exercise is so important to manage stress and maintain a positive outlook on life. If you are not able to participate in the exercises please feel welcome to attend and perhaps bring an alternate activity.

A committee meeting will be held after this session.

All welcome. 

17th May

9.30am for 10am start*

♥ Polymer clay jewellery 1

Come and make your very own polymer clay beads and jewellery, facilitated by talented artist Lex Sorrento.

 All welcome.

24th May

9.30am for 10am start*

♥ Polymer clay jewellery 2

Come and make your very own polymer clay beads and jewellery, facilitated by talented artist Lex Sorrento. Attendance at last week’s session is not essential.

 All welcome.

31th May

9.30am for 10am start*

♥ First Aid

Caring for children workshop. We all want to know what to do so we can remain calm and respond effectively in a crisis and to be confident that our kids are protected from preventable accidents.

All welcome.

Term 3 program planning session, give your ideas and vote for next term’s sessions, all welcome to attend.

7th June

9.30am for 10am start*

♥ Mobiles and Dreamcatchers

Make hanging art. Very on trend. Check out our Facebook page for images.

All welcome.

14th June

9.30am for 10am start*

♥ Meal Planning workshop

Save time and money, and learn how to meal plan for your family.

All Welcome

Committee meeting will be held after the session.

21st June

9.30am for 10am start*

♥ Women’s Grants

Come along to hear about the grant for women returning to work, offered by the Office for Women.

All welcome.

28th June

9.30am for 10am start*

♥ Belly Dancing

Connect with your inner Cleopatra and wiggle you sillies out… no experience necessary.

All welcome, whether you want to dance or just soak up the vibe.

All welcome.

*Sessions commence at 10am. Arrival at 9.30am allows time for settling your child(ren) into childcare, and for assisting with setting up. Packing up & cleaning at the end of the session is also a shared responsibility.

♥ Supported by the Act Government

Ω Supported by the Act Government Family Support Program